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Advanced Placement LIterature and Composition!
The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky - Western Aspects
AP English Wuthering Heights and summer reading
Essay peer scoring
August 28th notes-first day of class!!!!!
Day 2 AP English
Day 3 Notes (9-3-13)
Day 4: 9-5-13
Day 5 Notes 9-9-13
Day 6: 9-11-13
Sept. 13th - Presentation Day
Wuthering Heights Presentations
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Assignments for September 23 and class notes
Day 8: 9/23/13
Day 9: 9/23/13
Day 9: 9/23/12
September 23rd 2013
September 25th
September 27th Irony is everything
September 27th, 2013
October 1st
October 3rd Passages!
October 7th American Novel?
Frankenstein HOMEWORK
10/21/13 Presentations
The romantics